Sam|Ropeflow Technique Advisor, Kettlebell Enthusiast

Sam|Ropeflow Technique Advisor, Kettlebell Enthusiast
About me
As a kettlebell fan and flow enthusiast, I advocate for including toe movements in our routines to boost foot functionality. Flexing your toes in different directions improves strength and flexibility, which can significantly enhance overall performance and foot health.

Why Barefoot?
I have been wearing barefoot shoes for over 5years and here is why and what I love them about.

Barefoot shoes offer a unique set of benefits that can enhance your training experience, especially in exercises like Kettlebell routines, clubbell workouts, and ropeflow. The design of these shoes allows your feet the freedom to move naturally, providing a sense of space and connection to the ground. The flat and flexible sole ensures a strong and stable contact with the ground, improving your balance and overall performance during unilateral exercises.

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