Lena Rivers
Lena is a passionate barefoot enthusiast who believes that our feet deserve to move freely and naturally. She has been walking the path of minimalism for years, shedding bulky shoes and embracing the ground beneath her soles. Lena’s journey began when she discovered the joy of feeling every pebble, grass blade, and sand grain as she strolled along the beach. Now, she’s on a mission to spread the barefoot gospel and help others experience the same liberation.
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Evan Green
Evan’s love affair with barefoot shoes began during a transformative trip to the Amazon rainforest. There, amidst ancient trees and lush foliage, he realized that our feet are designed for connection—to the earth, to our surroundings, and to our inner selves. Since then, Evan has been on a quest to liberate feet from the confines of traditional footwear.
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Maya Stone
Maya, a seasoned barefoot wanderer, believes that shoes should enhance our natural connection rather than hinder it. She’s danced on cobblestone streets, hiked mountain trails, and even practiced yoga atop ancient ruins—all barefoot. For Maya, every step is an invitation to explore, to feel, and to be fully present.
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